Friday, May 18, 2012

Who doesn't love Smores?

Smores Cupcakes

Smores Cupcakes!!! (MILK NEEDED) :)

Devils food cupcake with Marshmellow Cream filling.
Vanilla/Marshmellow Buttercream.
Honey and Chocolate Graham Cracker topping.
Hershey Bar on top to complete this campfire favorite

I don't do camping, but love to eat smores.
 Even better cupcakes and smores!!!

Start with your favorite Chocolate Cake
and create a center in the cupcake to hold your
Marshmellow Cream filling. 

Fill each cupcake with the Marshmellow Cream filling.

The consistency of the filling should look like this.


 Top the cupcake with fine
Honey Maid Graham Cracker crumbs
and a Hershey Chocolate bar.

This is for next time you are craving Smores,
and not the camping trip...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Fun
 Duckie Baby
 to Remember!!!!

Love these cute Baby Shower Invites!!!

Duck Cookie Cutter 
Design your cookies
with that special touch!!

Table Decoration Ideas
A beautiful way to capture the theme! 

Duckie Cupcakes with a Splash of Fun!!!

Beautiful duck cupcakes with bubbles and all. 
Fondant ducks sitting upon a pillow of shimmery bubbles.

 These are some fun ideas to use at your next Baby Shower (Duck Theme)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

                                                                A Day in Paris

Ooh La La...

This weekend was filled with cake, surprises and excitement!  My sweet daugher Kelli turned "Sweet 16" May 10.  We threw her a surprise party!!! The theme of the party was A Day in Paris.  Our home was filled with the colors pink, black and white.

The party started at our home where Kelli was surprised with friends and goodies.  Friends gathered around a beautiful table displaying delicious cookies, candy, beautiful ballons and of course CAKE. :) 

As the girls were waiting for their Limo to sweep them off their feet for the night they laughed and giggled what all teenage girls do...need I say more?

The party was off and running....

A night filled with loud music, laughter and memories were in the making for 8 friends!!!

Paris Theme Cake created by A Little Slice of Heaven
 by Michelle Schwitters
Banner and Cupcake toppers created by All That & More Party Rentals

Cookies created by The Custom Cookie Co.

Balloons created by Stars Above Balloon Decor

To be "Sweet 16" again...